Upcoming Readings

Thursday, October 24 and Friday, October 25 with Norma Cowie
Psychic Tarot, Past Life Regression, Energy Transformations

Psychic Tarot, Energy Transformation or Past Life Regression
with Norma Cowie
Thursday, October 24, 11:00 am - ending at 3:00 pm
Friday, October 25 , 11:00 am - ending at 3:00 pm
Reserve now and follow-up with payment.
Call 604-792-3730, e-mail: info@amethystbookstore.com, or drop in at the store

* Psychic Tarot Card Readings: 60-70 minutes $185
* Transformation Clearing - 90 minutes $250.00 (if less time is taken, it will be pro-rated)
* A personal Past Life Regression - 90 minutes $250.00
(if less time is taken, fees will be pro-rated)

IMPORTANT: Please have clarity on what you wish to explore, have answered, or shifted during your Reading or Transformation session! Don’t hold back – why are you receiving a session? Time is valuable and the more focused you are, the better your results. If you are unsure of which session is right for your personal quest, express that immediately (as well as your desire) and Norma will determine which session is best suited in the circumstance.

Psychic Tarot Readings: Norma looks at your life path and cycles and then sees the future pattern you are on. She looks at different aspects of your life, i.e. work, finances relationships and health, plus what your personal learning pattern is and how you are relating to your life. Then any questions you have are answered in the remaining time. Norma also does an impression drawing of your soul and discusses that impression with you.

Energy Transformations: Utilize Norma’s method of transformation clearing to create what you want and desire for your life. Sometimes it is just not being depressed anymore. Other times, you may want to be more spiritually connected. No matter what it is, this technique has phenomenal clearing abilities. Some call it ‘healing’ but to Norma it is a technique of reconnecting to what was originally there, so you remember who you truly are.

About Past Life Regression- by Norma: People often ask why Past Lives are so important. They are important because whenever we experience an emotion, we reach back in our memory banks and remake the same decision we had when we had that feeling. Therefore, all our early decisions (therefore belief systems) were created by our past life experiences. It is by going back and releasing the previous lives that we are able to then also release them in this life.

Every year Norma does many Group Past Life Regression sessions for people, and they discover who they were in these lives. Also, more importantly, they are able to let go of the Guilt, Regret or Strong Emotion which is not only in that life, but in their present one. When they clear this life of those decisions made in another time and space, they are then free to begin to create easily.


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