Tarot Made Easy
with Norma Cowie, Psychic Life Consultant

Class:  Chakras, Aura, Energy with Norma Cowie at Amethyst

Tarot Made Easy - Workshop
with Norma Cowie, Psychic Life Consultant
Thursday, October 24 ~ 7:00 pm ~ 10:00 pm
$75.00 ~ MUST Pre-register with payment

Held at Amethyst, 8989 Young Road, Chilliwack

To register: Call 604-792-3730; e-mail info@amethystbookstore.com or drop in to the store

In this three hour workshop, understand what the Tarot Symbology is saying to You! Hear how the Higher & Lower Arcana work together. Learns some simple easy techniques. Time for Your Questions, so you can learn all there is about reading the secrets of the Tarot.

Tarot consists of 78 unbound pages. It is the book of life, it explains our journey of spiritual/ philosophical life, plus explains to us how thinking, feeling and responding works. To complete it also shows how we handle life. By how the symbols come together, it makes stories, it shows how each person’s life is working (or not). The wonder of it, is it also shows you how to change, how to turn around events and most of all how to become at one with your world and the loving universe which is around us.

Come hear how Norma Cowie will explain how this wonderful tool has affected her life and why she still ‘reads’ with it today. You will learn the importance of the 22 Higher Arcana (secrets) and the 56 Lower Arcana symbols work. Plus have a message for yourself.

About Norma: Norma Cowie is a metaphysical, psychic life consultant, teacher and author. She teaches people about their energy fields, opens up their psychic systems and aligns their chakra systems. Norma has studied most aspects of metaphysics, and she is a true teacher of personal transformation. She brings light to the world. She understands how light and love work, and is a respected teacher and counsellor.

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