Summer Solstice ~ Friday, June 21!
Join us for an evening in Mother Nature and Celebrate the First Day of Summer 2019

Summer Solstice, June 20 by Amethyst

It’s the Longest Day of the Year - the First Day of Summer – Let's Celebrate!!
Friday, June 21
6:15 pm – $25 MUST pre-register
Outdoors along the Vedder River

Our evening includes: Walking Meditation, Yoga, Food, Intention Ritual,
Sacred Space, Relaxation, Socializing, Mother Nature!

ONCE YOU HAVE registered with your payment we will send you a .pdf with
the Location, Directions, and what you need to bring to enjoy this evening!

Payment can be made by E-Transfer,or stopping in at Amethyst

Walking Meditation with Janet: This mindful walking meditation will take us along the dyke and through deciduous woods alongside the Vedder River. Walking Meditation is a profound and pleasurable way to deepen our connection with our body and the earth. Each step made in mindfulness can bring us back to the Here and the Now.

Yoga with Manpreet: We will practice Hatha Yoga [Ha (means SUN) and tha (means moon] which seeks to integrate the aspects of Self. In this gentle practice of Yoga we will incorporate relaxation, postures and pranayama (breath) to promote harmony of mind and body. This practice will help us to let go of what no longer serves and will open us to receive new harmonious energies. Just bring you mat and your smile! Namaste

Nourishment: Light vegetarian goodies will be provided as we rest and socialize after our walking meditation and yoga practice; and while we begin to focus on that which we wish to let go and that which we wish to bring in for the summer season.

Intention Ritual - Revoking & Invoking: We will release/revoke something of our choosing that no longer serves us and then we will invoke feelings or that we welcome and would like more of. This short ceremony incorporates a burning technique and candle ceremony.

Sacred Space: An altar will be set up for the evening and you are welcome to bring an item to place in this sacred space. The power and energy of the altar pieces, our gathering and the Summer Solstice will give your special items an energy boost.

Socializing and Relaxation: Once all of our practices are concluded, we may remain with each other in the beautiful space of Mother Nature and the Summer energy as long as we wish! Relaxing, sharing conversation, perhaps spirit may move us into Kundalini Dancing. Who knows! It's SUMMER, let your hair down, join in and see what unfolds!

Optional Free Time: If you wish to decline joining in Walking Mediation or Kundalini Yoga, you may use this time for yourself in walking, meditating, contemplation.

LOCATION: Is a safe, public place outdoors along the Rotary Trail and Vedder River. Approximately 15 minutes from the Amethyst parking lot. ONCE YOU HAVE registered with your payment we will send you a .pdf with the Location, Directions, and what you need to bring to enjoy this evening!

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