Metaphysical Musings
with Norma Cowie, Psychic and Spiritual Life Consultant

Class:  Chakras, Aura, Energy, Question and Asnwer, Chit Chat with Norma Cowie at Amethyst

with Norma Cowie, Psychic Life Consultant
Wednesday, October 23 ~ 7:00 pm ~ 9:00 pm
$25.00 ~ Please Pre-register with payment (see sidebar for on-line payment through the PayPal Gateway)

Held at Amethyst, 8989 Young Road, Chilliwack

To register: Call 604-792-3730; e-mail or drop in to the store

Was that a ghost!! Metaphysical Musings with Norma Cowie

It’s your opportunity to BRING YOUR BURNING QUESTIONS on all things psychic, sensitive (clairvoyance etc.) and spiritual!

An informal group chat with questions and answers on all things metaphysical! Facilitated by well-known psychic and spiritual counsellor Norma Cowie. Bring your burning questions and Norma will answer from her many personal years of experience in the field of metaphysics and spirituality. A fun and informative evening of discussion.

What are your questions! Why I am seeing 11:11 and 4:44 on the clock all the time? What does it mean .... if anything? What is the Aura? How big is the Aura? I’ve heard of the Shadow Self – what is that and how does it work? Can you tell me anything about Orbs and why I see them on my photographs? Do I have a Divine Purpose? What is the “origin” of the Soul? Are there ghosts and entities? What are “thought forms”? Can we all channel our own Guide? How do we connect with our Guides? What happens when we die?

About Norma: Norma Cowie is a metaphysical, psychic life consultant, teacher and author. She teaches people about their energy fields, opens up their psychic systems and aligns their chakra systems. Norma has studied most aspects of metaphysics, and she is a true teacher of personal transformation. She brings light to the world. She understands how light and love work, and is a respected teacher and counsellor.

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