Throat Singing & Sound Healing with Matthew Kocel

Matthew Kocelat Amethyst

 Intimate Group Sound Healing Event &
Personal Private Healing Sessions with Matthew Kocel
Saturday, March 16 at Amethyst
Book now (with pre-payment to follow) to ensure your seat or private session 604-792-3730, or come into the store

Group Sound Healing Event Saturday, March 16 ~ 7 pm
LIMITED SPACE $30 Advance - $35 at the door space permitting

Private Healing Sessions ~ Day Time 75 minutes at $100

Matthew shares the gift of powerful yet gentle touch, and a spiritual/energetic connection of immense depth. His use of sound for healing brings a whole new dimension to your personal session. "Matthew combines the pure tones of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, harmonium, tingsha, tuning forks, and conch shell with the amazing vocal harmonics of his throat singing and prayers to hold a safe, sacred healing space. Sound Healing includes musical sounds that bypass mind chatter, emotions, blockages and touch the core of your being. This core is where perfect balance and connection exist. From this place healing occurs. The primordial sound vibration, guided by an intelligence that is everywhere and in all things, organizes energy into form. Through the conscious application of sound as a tool for transformation, we can access the part of ourselves that knows everything is connected; all is one."

Ongoing Opportunities at Amethyst


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