Sacred Energy Activations
with Fran Teitge

Class:  Sacred Energy Activations at Amethyst

Sacred Energy Activations with Fran Teitge
7:00 pm ~ $25
Register by e-mail:, by phone 6024-792-3730, or in person at the store
Pre-payment to follow registration - thanks!
Venue: Amethyst Books & Essence
8989 Young Road, Chilliwack

For this evening we will be sitting in Silent Meditation and receiving Energy Activations. The high frequency energy Activations will allow you to transform your life on many different levels by releasing energetic blocks from this life, past life or your family lineage. By showing up, you are giving permission for high level transformation and healing, allowing you to move through your life with much more ease and grace. There is no requirement to do anything other than to be open to the energy that flows. Join the group as we tap into your highest wisdom. Experience a connection with your Guidance Team, Your Higher self, your Soul Essence. Tap into the wisdom of the Universe and anchor the ability to make this connection part of your daily life. Receive guidance from your Team that is for your highest good.

Please bring your water and drink water before arriving. Optional: shawl or blanket for comfort. Chairs are provided, you may bring your own meditation cushion for sitting on the floor.

The year of 2018 has opened the energy for all of humanity to step into Being and embody our Sacredness. It is a time of great change and exciting new possibilities. It is offering us the energies to break through our blocks and create the lives we truly desire. And by tapping into the power of group energy, we are able to shift more easily than on our own. It is a profound and sacred journey to deeply connect with others on the same journey to embody more light.

About Fran: Fran has been actively working with energy since 2010. She offers energetic shifts and upgrades with the energy process Sacred Activations. Sacred Activations are a powerful energy of transformation. Allow yourself to be immersed in the releasing and regenerative powers of a benevolent and powerful energy directly from Pure Source.

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