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Angel Healing Sessions with Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney
Saturday, June 29 ~ 10am - 5 pm
$150 for 50 minutes
Pre-registration is required ~ Call Amethyst: 604-792-3730; e-mail or drop in to the store.

Go far beyond a reading to experience Angel Healing with Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney. The bestselling author of Angel Blessings Cards, and the founder of, Kimberly has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world experience personal contact with the Divine.

Kimberly is gifted at creating an opening for God’s love to infuse you with everything needed to heal and move forward on your life’s path. With angels as your guide, experience a love so pure that pain melts away and wounds are easily forgiven.

“I think I expected an experience with angels to be an external experience like a touch or a sight of one. But it was more of an internal experience, one of complete love in my heart that flowed through my body. Now I know I have felt this experience before and I know I’ve always had angels by my side.” – Kristin Wistar

Bio: “Lives Change” when Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney speaks. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have been touched by Kimberly’s work and teachings through her books, best-selling angel cards, courses, social media, and radio.

Here’s why. When angels want a new energy to manifest on earth, Kimberly is their go-to earth angel. The angels have guided Kimberly into an amazing life of creativity. Each work has laid a foundation stone for what follows. Looking back in amazement, she never could have thought this up! Masters Degree Angelologist Kimberly wrote the best-selling Angel Blessings Cards. Rev. Kimberly launched that has nearly one hundred Ordained Angel Ministers!

With a doctorate in Spiritual Psychology, Kimberly has counseled thousands of people, harvesting the insight for her new book, The Little Book of Angel Healing: First Aid from the Heavenly Realms due out in September from Hampton Roads.

The culmination of a lifetime of service, Dr. Kimberly is President of Gateway.University, A School for the Study of Higher Consciousness where Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral Degrees are awarded. Excited at the prospect of Gateway becoming a central hub for many spiritual leaders, Kimberly can’t wait to discover what the angels have next!

To Register: Call [604] 792 3730; drop in at the store; or e-mail Payment to follow registration


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